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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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REST Energy is a Brisbane based organisation with a goal of delivering large scale renewable energy projects in Australia.


All electrical connection studies and standards have now been completed and REST Enegry has been notified by Ergon that it has accepted our application to connect. Ergon is now carrying out due diligence. REST has now received Letter 5.3.4A from AEMO and are now completing benchmarking studies for the Connection Agreement

with Ergon.

Detailed design and road condition assessments are in progress.

Renewable Energy System Technologies

Innovation  Sustainability  Repeatability

Feel free to contact us for more information

Munna Creek - Queensland - 120MW Solar Farm

Our team is starting to grow - 300+ jobs to come to the Fraser Coast.

Development Approval has been provided by Fraser Coast Council.

​REST Energy is working with the local councils and the community to facilitate participation.

Our key values are Innovation, Sustainability and Repeatability. 

REST Energy's framework will enable the acceleration of renewable energy projects and expansion across Australia.

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